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“Successfully Navigating Uncertainty”, Together


Something clicked when a former director of one of the worlds most recognized consulting firms compared notes with an executive coach, with a background in international sales, marketing and finance, whose focus has been on the growing importance of conscious business communication. Coming from opposing sides of both business and life, they absolutely agreed upon one thing; future success depends upon your ability to sense and respond with agility to the colossal and quickening change that lie ahead.

Meet our Authors

Hans Amell, is a Harvard trained Swede who has lived in the USA since 1987. He is a McKinsey alumni, and former Executive Officer in leading global corporations such as Dun and Bradstreet Group, Cognizant Corp, Ericsson and others. He is called upon to execute major change in corporations and institutions via board memberships or via his company, Catalyst Acquisition Group. Mr. Amell is also the founding partner in The Minerva Group. He was also the lead founder and executive Chairman of Intrepid Learning Systems and created Gartner Custom Research (now HANSA) after acquiring the GCR unit from Gartner. He is a leading player in the cutting edge of agile consulting services with his Dynamic Navigational System products and in the application of efficient blended learning solutions for large organizations through the Minerva Group. His vision is to make the corporate world more agile in both thought and execution. His passion is creating and applying agility within organizations that understand the need for quicker implementation of change, but wisely recognize they need assistance to accomplish this. He is also the co-author with Kurt Larsson of the book:

“Mastering Agility, Successfully Navigating Uncertainty”

Hans Amell

Hans Amell talks about Mastering agility

Kurt Larsson is an American who has been living in Sweden since the late 1980s. With a background and degree in Finance, he has sold everything from Automobile tires in Houston, Texas to retail banking delivery systems in over 20 countries. He has driven his own educational consulting company, Expanding Understanding, for more than 20 years. His niche is transforming consultative business teams into collaborative ones. To do this he specializes in effective selling, leadership and customer service practices, focused on more conscious and efficient use of the most important communication tool we have, our body language. His skills work perfectly in line with transforming management, sales and customer service teams from a transactional to a collaborative business model where customer loyalty is the prime goal. He has now become an active member on both Catalyst Acquisition and Minerva Groups’s Board of directors. He has written many articles on Ezine, his own blog and is also co-author with Hans Amell of the book:

“Mastering Agility, Successfully Navigating Uncertainty”

Get Agile Now!


Here is a book packed with simple, practical tools to prepare you and your crew for the ride of your life! Whether you are running a small or medium enterprise, or grappling with the demands of a super large, multinational concern, being agile in thought, action and result is now a necessity. It is no longer only about making good decisions; it is about mastering powerful tools to implement changes quickly and effectively. It’s about executing change with decisive and engaging leadership skills and to powerfully communicate with everyone involved to get them on board to quickly create measurable results.

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After their first meeting, they pleasantly and profoundly realized that they were both addressing the same challenge; helping organizations and their leaders become more prepared for future shocks and opportunities through:

  • Greater awareness of what lies ahead
  • Improved tools, systems, processes for quicker results
  • Increased flexibility to better handle and implement change
  • More efficient communication to get key players quickly on board

The more they get to know each other, the more they realize their totally different backgrounds and diverse experiences powerfully compliment the way they walk the path to agility, which they have both consciously chosen to master.

What you are now reading is just part of the result of this timely and exciting partnership. The book “Mastering Agility” and this blog contain both powerful and proven tools to increase your business agility, add value and cut costs; plus simple and effective tips to be more conscious of each application and its consequences.

Reading this compilation of their experiences and suggestions, as well as the best contributions from the Internet, will help you develop a working knowledge of what agility means, powerful tools and methods to comprehensively implement it, as well as a painfully clear understanding of the consequences should you choose to continue doing business as usual. The choice is yours; continue to use tools and processes that have their roots in the agricultural society or successfully navigate the danger and opportunity this quickly changing world has to offer!