Business Agility & The Greater Depression

Will Business Agility help

in a Greater Depression?

Like the proverbial frog in a pot of slowly boiling water, even if you are trained in business agility and change management you may miss slow moving megatrends while they merge to become a perfect storm.

What if that’s the case with many trends that are now over three generations old? Below is a great article from and Doug Casey from Casey Research on some large but stealthy changes that have occurred. What if these changes render business as usual redundant in the next big downturn?

How will the following changes affect you, your organization, your family, your community and your way of life should some black swan suddenly appear?

Below is more proof that this time it’s indeed different. Is the following article yet more evidence for the need of Mastering Agility? It is called, “The Greater Depression has Started. Comparing the 1930s to Today”


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