Increase Business Agility! Conquer Inhibitors to Change

Increase your Business Agility!

Learn to tackle the Greatest Inhibitors of Change!

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Do you encourage or inhibit the need for business agility in your company?

Business Agility is all the rage! Look at all the books and articles on how wonderful life will be when your business becomes agile. Yet how easy is it to become more agile when you even just focusing on the four most prominent inhibitors lurking in your organization pushing you maintain your own brand of business as usual.

According to McKinsey and others, there are four primary inhibitors that can destroy your plans for and implementations of a more agile way of doing business:

Underlying IT systems
Corporate Culture
Organizational Structure
Business Process
Underlying IT Systems

Your underlying IT systems can constrain your agility without you even being aware of them. Creativity suffers…

Business agility flourishes when the greatest inhibitors to change are kept under control. Read more in the following Ezine article.