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The Book, “Mastering Agility, Successfully Navigating Uncertainty”

Every serious consulting firm now has its own version of business agility and how to implement it. So do we. Due to major delays in publishing our book, “Mastering Agility, Successfully Navigating Change”, the edge we sought to achieve by being first out to describe our fifty-plus years of experience, has now eroded. Yet, there is still one major difference regarding our brand of business agility that we encourage you to ponder.

Hans Amell embodies the path of success that led him powerfully and quickly to the front lines of management consulting. He has implemented agile solutions for and with some of the most recognized and respected companies in the world. This was the path I dreamed of taking, but instead ended up tackling effective communication and leadership behavior, from the shop floor up. Although the path I discovered ended up being far from the limelight of high profile, strategic and operational turnarounds, its importance is now being recognized when effectively implementing powerful management tools into organizations for good. This path encompasses the importance of respecting and understanding human behavior, then communicating effectively to build and develop strong, personal relationships. It demands encouraging loyalty and team spirit both internally and externally. Indeed, how can a company claim to be agile without forward-looking, structured processes correctly blended together with open, honest communication? This blending process is the agile key to cultivating loyal, sustainable and profitable relationships.

After just one meeting, we agreed to co-write this important book that highlights the current state of cresting mega trends bolstered by a perfect storm of challenges. All of which are coming in increasingly powerful, yet shorter cycles. This turbulent atmosphere of increasing uncertainty demands simple, powerful change management tools, effective communication and decisive behavior to implement changes now.

Since starting this adventure we have come to realize that this top-down/bottom-up, transactional/relational and consultative/collaborative combination provides a comprehensive solutionis a growing set of simple and proven communication tools to master listening with all your senses and to effectively deliver your message in the proper context, so it “moves” your listeners into measurable action and result. Incorporating all of these tools and behavior changes into our Dynamic Navigational System or DNS will allow you to implement, track and measure the change towards agile success directly, in real time!

This powerful combination we offer and is not found anywhere else!

To find out more you are encouraged to pick up a copy of our new book, “Mastering Agility, Successfully Navigating Uncertainty” and then contact us to find out more. Time is getting short and business agility is needed NOW!

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