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The Power In Mastering Business Agility

Is the phrase, “Mastering business agility”, powerful and urgent enough for you, dear reader, to actually grasp how crucial to your success business agility is becoming? In writing our book, one of Hans’ and my biggest concerns was the conscious use of the word, “Mastering“. Although the word mastery is perceived as more of a,…

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Business Agility & The Greater Depression

Will Business Agility help in a Greater Depression? Like the proverbial frog in a pot of slowly boiling water, even if you are trained in business agility and change management you may miss slow moving megatrends while they merge to become a perfect storm. What if that’s the case with many trends that are now…

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Master Business Agility Now Or Face The Consequences Of Business As Usual

Business Agility, a trend or the key to your future? Hold on to your hats. If you think the rate of change was intense over the last 20 years, you ain’t seen nothing yet! There are large, mega trends now underway that will wash distracted decision makers overboard, no matter how luxurious your corporate yacht…

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